We Sell Product Solutions

Product Solutions

Selling products is easy! Selling solutions is not! Selling "Product" Solutions requires an indepth understanding of product application, construction, specifications, code compliance, and esthetic design requirements. We call this pocess Value Engineering (VE). It begins by working hand in hand with the Architect, Builder, and Homeowner as your window & door liaison utilizing our knowledge and experience. VE is a solution based service ABSi provides on every job designed to uncover needs, wants, and desires while providing value. Our sales consultants are trained to comprehensively scrutinize construction plans, evaluate design & construction requirements, understand product application, ascertain budget requirements, review code compliance, and provide value added product solutions. The ABSi VE service is a systematic approach designed to compliment project specifications with the best product solution with the goal of a profitable and error free customer experience. Value engineering promotes the exchange of features with alternative options, without sacrificing functionality, design integrity, or construction integrity. The VE process is centered on increasing value, curb appeal, design elements and aesthetics and attaining budget, while providing equal or better performance. ABSi does all of this not just to quote a job, but to sell the job correctly. Your window and door package is a signature item in the design of your home, the one product that brings the outdoors in, and a product you will look through every day of your lfie. The VE process requires a substantial investment of intellectual property and valuable time, but the reward of a satisfied customer is well worth it. Your peace of mind in knowing your getting what you paid for is important to us!       

Summarized: Value engineering is when a set of construction drawings or plans are given to a ABSi window & door consultant and based on vast knowledge and experience they suggest alternate window & door features or products than what is shown on the design drawings in an effort to increase value and functionality with the goal of having an end product that doesn't violate design integrity and is 'as good as if not more valuable' than what was designed in the first place. Also called value analysis.