Modern Pivot Doors



AGMPivot1Pivot Doors are fresh, sleek and contemporary with the ability to enhance any architectural design. They are an excellent selection for applications that require a large opening with minimal floor space interruption while offering a modern take on the traditional hinged door. The pins of a Pivot Door are located at the top and bottom of the frame, allowing the door to swivel open and shut. These doors look great whether they are in the home or in the office and make a remarkable first impression with their massive glass, wood and steel panels that open with grace and ease.

Associated Building Supply, Inc., has several vendors that provide this beautiful product. Pivot Doors are the fresh, bold and contemporary choice for making an entry. Brazenly dramatic and modern, Pivot Doors are the most striking way to customize any entrance. With the ability to swing inward or out, the massive glass panels on the Pivot Door maximizes views and lets in light. Customized hardware allows you to open and close the door with ease.

EurolinePivot1EurolinePivot5Pictured to the left and right are Steel Pivot Doors manufactured by one of our core vendors, Euroline Steel Windows & Doors. With the heights reaching up to 12 feet and openings up to four feet wide, these doors can be used to showcase the enormity of any location. Pivot Doors add a modern look to the exterior as well as embellishing the entryway at the same time. These doors help the front door to be wider and much more substantial in relation to the residential or commercial elevation.

JW9To the right, JELD-WEN Windows and Doors has raised the bar with its striking entry doors that are a sure-fire way to add value and immediate street-appeal to your home. They offer innovative improvements to its pioneering pivot door system for the hot new trend of taller, wider entry doors. The pivot door system introduced by Corinthian Doors, a member of the JELD-WEN Windows and Doors family, handles the weight of taller and wider entry doors that have become a dominant feature in modern design.


The pivot system means the weight of the door is carried at the top and bottom rather than on traditional hinged jambs. The system offers a self-closing mechanism that holds the door in a fully open position so that entering the home is unobtrusive and when released from the open position the door will automatically close shut.

JW6Corinthian’s popular Sunburst range is one of the most stunning of the entry door suite and has proved popular for those looking to maximize the value of their home by enhancing its immediate impact. With funky design elegance and strong lines reflecting the radiating power of the sun, the Sunburst double-door sets comes in bold, symmetrical designs: Sunburst Grand and Sunburst Arc. The creative range also comes in seven glazing options, each of which is enhanced using a new splayed glazing bead profile. Sunburst doors can be stained or painted. The innovative pivot door systems have become standard across the JELD-WEN Windows and Doors entry door range and have set new standards for entry doors across the residential building industry.

Series980To the right, Western Window Systems Series 980 Pivot Door is boldly dramatic and decidedly modern. As mentioned by Western Window Systems, the massive glass on the Series 980 Pivot Door maximizes views and lets in light. Custom hardware allows it to open with ease. Also, because it is aluminum, the Series 980 Pivot Door is low maintenance and is best suited for environments where screening is not necessary. With an array of finishes and sizes, this specific pivot door can fit almost any residential or commercial project.


From patio to entry to interior doors, Pivot Doors come in a multitude of finishes and such as aluminum, steel and wood, and an array of sizes so this door can fit the need of any project.

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