Warranty's "Add Value"

Protect your Investment

We have performed significant due diligence to assure our product brands are backed by the best and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. The nature of our business is such, that in some cases, window & door products are exposed to construction elements for sometime before the structure is completely weatherproof. A proactive approach in terms of protecting and finishing (if applicable) the product reduces warranty claims and extends the life of the product and is always recommended. Skip to warranties.

When you make a major purchase, the manufacturer and seller makes an important promise to stand behind the product. We take this seriously. Federal law requires that warranties be available for you to read before you buy. Coverage varies, so you can compare the extent of warranty coverage just as you compare the style, price, and other characteristics of products. Although not required by law, written warranties come with most major purchases.

Compare Warranties

When comparing written warranties, keep the following in mind:

  • How long does the warranty last? Check the warranty to see when it begins and when it expires, as well as any conditions that may void coverage.
  • Is the Warranty Transferable?
  • What product components does it cover and for how long?
  • Who do you contact to get warranty service? 
  • What will the Manufacturer do if the product fails? Read to see whether the company will repair the item, replace it, or refund your money.
  • What parts and repair problems are covered? Check to see if any parts of the product or types of repair problems are excluded from coverage.
  • Look for conditions that could prove expensive or inconvenient, such as a requirement that you maintain exterior finishes monthly at your expense.
  • Are there any conditions or limitations on the warranty? Some warranties provide coverage only if you maintain or use the product as directed.

Read the Disclaimers

The below disclaimers were found in National Window Brand-X's warranty's:

  • Removal, installation, finishing, refinishing, and disposal costs and services are not included
  • This warranty does not include any insulated units that exceed 50 square feet in overall size
  • "Brand-X" shall not be responsible for repainting or refinishing involved in the replacement of glass
  • Action on any claim for door panel warpage may be deferred for a period of time up to 12 months at “Brand-X“ option to permit conditioning of the door to humidity and temperature ranges at the jobsite. Warping shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds ¹⁄₄ inch in the plane of the door itself
  • “Brand-X“ does not warrant, expressly or impliedly, any special product or item that is manufactured according to specifications supplied by the consumer
  • Immediate priming and finishing must be made or this warranty may be void.
  • The“Brand-X“ paint system will resist cracking, peeling and flaking of the applied paint film for a period of ten (10) years after purchase. Failures or defects not covered include substrate failures; i.e., knots, cracks, panel shifts, or joint separation.
  • During the second ten (10) years from the date of purchase, "Brand-X" will provide replacements for any parts or products determined by “Brand-X“ to contain defects in material or workmanship at a price equal to fifty percent (50%) of the then list price for these parts or products.
  • In cases relating to hardware, the consumer will be invoiced for the replacement hardware at the list price and full credit will be issued when the defective hardware has been returned to "Brand-X".
  • This warranty applies only to the original owner of the structure into which the product is installed and is nontransferable.
  • "Brand-X" will not, under any circumstances, provide or pay for any labor for replacements provided under this warranty. This includes, without limitation, labor for installation, repainting, refinishing or other activities necessary to complete any replacement.
  • "Brand-X" warrants that its "X-Brand" color paint coating will not peel, flake, crack, blister or delaminate for a period of TEN (10) YEARS from the date of purchase. This warranty does not include stile or rail joint separation. Print-friedly version of this list, "Be Aware of Waranty Disclaimers!" (.docx).

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