Video Testimonial by David Wang

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Video Transcript: 

"I've been working with Tim and Associated Building Supply for a couple of years because I'm building my dream house in Los Altos Hills, and it has been a great experience. The product itself is very price competative; the quality is superior. The next is that one of the challenges with my project is that I have to manage it from far, far away, which I'm stationed in Shanghai, China, and my house is in Los Altos, California. So Tim has been very helpful in managing the schedule, delivery, as well as there's certain changes in between and he has been able to really, really expidite the delivery of the service, and enabling my house to complete—ahead of schedule, actually. So we were very appreciative. Now we're living in the house with this very superior product. We would like to thank Tim and Associated Building Supply for their superior service, and very good quality products. Thank you." 

David Wang